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Who is The Rebel Monk?

Is it a surprise that we think the Rebel Monk is you?

You already know that the discipline Yoga practice offers a path to change, giving you the strength, wisdom and clarity that helps so much in everyday life. But just like us, you’ve no intention of spending your life in a monastery, or a cave in the Himalayas, where life is harder but  transformations come easier. That renegade inside of us still enjoys a glass of wine and a movie, chocolate and the company of good friends. Rebel Monk is the modern path of Yoga, where traditional practices go hand in hand with real world living to create the fastest, surest way to connect body, breath and mind.

On a deeper front (hey, it’s Yoga so there’s always deeper), Rebel Monk represents a well known character in history–the innovative troublemaker who challenges the established wisdom of authority, using positive personal transformation to lead social change. These firebrands and mischief-makers stop us grinding to an evolutionary halt, their actions making the world a better place for all. They do it even–especially–if it flies in the face of tradition and social convention, and despite the personal sacrifice needed to make it happen. They seek out inequity and protect the weak, simply because it’s the right thing to do.

Have a look in the mirror and see if you notice the Rebel Monk glint in your eye. Then come and join the rest of us Rebel Monks in creating a better world, one person at atime.

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