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Winter Membership

Winter is here! We’ve turned up the heat in the studio so you’ll never be anything but cosy, and here are a few new offers from Rebel Monk to keep your bank manager from getting frosty!

We’re always listening to your feedback on our services, and decided to expand the number of membership options available so that everyone can find something that better matches your needs. We’re dropping our old $160 Unlimited membership, and in its place have three simple options that will let you become a member no matter how often you prefer to come to class:

#ufyl Five

Just like it says on the tin, this membership will let you book Five of our scheduled classes each month for a mere $80 (= $16 a class). This is our best value if you’re coming to class once a week, with the occasional extra class for those longer months or special occasions.

#ufyl Ten

You probably guessed it, this membership gives you Ten classes each month at just $120 (= $12 a class). If you’re making it along to class twice a week, then this is the best offer for you, and again there’s a spare class or two to help you beat the stress demons every so often.

#ufyl Limitless

For the most committed yogis, this membership gives you Unlimited classes per month for just another $20 – making it $140 (= less than $10 a class). This is our best value membership if you’re coming to class three times a week or more. The more often you can make it to class, the cheaper it works out, and of course this is the point where your practice really starts making a huge impact on your life!


Just so we’re clear, these new options have a three month tie-in, but after that you can stop your membership with just 7 days’ written notice (email) before your monthly payment date. Unused classes don’t roll over and there’s no suspension or transfer of classes.

You can still get 20% off these memberships for every new member you refer, so bring along five friends and get your Yoga for free!

If that doesn’t suit…

Don’t worry, if you’re coming along less regularly, we still have our Single Class Drop-In class at $25. Or if you prefer to do it Old School stylee, our 10 Class Packs give you better value at $200 (= $20 per class) with a 3 month expiry.

Check out our full list of pricing options (with links to buy via MindBody), or head to your phone’s website and download the Rebel Monk app to buy there!

If anything’s not clear, just ask your teacher after class or send us an email so we can help you find the right option for you.

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